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  • Sappo Hill Natural Oatmeal Glycerine Soap Fragrance Free – 3.5 oz – Case of 12


Get Fragrance Free Soap

Looking for Fragrance Free Soaps? Now you can get your soaps and other bath accessories all in the same place at Scents Solstice and enjoy exciting benefits like regular discount offers and new scents every month! Our soaps are made of pure glycerin and also include additional products which will prove healthy for your body. This includes oatmeal and other organic additives.

Using soaps that have some aroma can give your skin a tough time over the long term because of the added chemicals that provide the fragrances. Soaps without fragrance allow you to prevent that damage to your skin, including wear and tear and accelerated aging due to PEG-6, Lye, Benozyl Peroxide and other chemicals. By using our no fragrance soaps, you can regularly clean your body and remove dirt and other chemicals without adding another layer of chemicals on top of your body. Hence, your skin can become completely clean every time you bathe if you choose to use Soaps without Fragrance. Our products also cover your bath & shower needs by providing you with organic shower gels and other health focused products to keep your skin glowing